What is Vehicle Tracking Web?

Vehicle Tracking Web uses the latest techonology to bring you a live view of your fleet from any web browser. It is suitable for any type of company that has at least one moving vehicle on the road, whether your company runs a delivery service or is a Car Rental company.

How it works

Vehicle Tracking Web is based on the instalaltion of GPS Trackers on each vehicle you need to track. These GPS Trackers are equiped with a usual SIM card which is the basis of communication with our software. Once properly installed by a certified technician, the devices are then configured to connect with our server which handles all the processing of the received signals. Vehicle Tracking Web, even works while you sleep! All you have to do, is simply open your web browser.


fuel economy
Fuel economy

The heart and main issue of the vehicle tracking. Unnecessary and unauthorized routes will be avoided leading to better fuel management.

speed limit
Reduce speeding tickets

When a driver knows that his speed is being monitored & controlled will avoid speeding and essentially being issued a speeding ticket.

Increased productivity

Drivers stay focused on their working tasks and therefore they have increased productivity

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

The vehicle maintenance is a quite essential cost to the company. Lower speed on a daily basis, less routes, less fuel consumption lead to reduced maintenance costs.

Better fleet management

The fleet manager can organize the daily tasks in a better way by watching and monitoring everything through the map live.

Quality of Service
Better quality of services to clients

By having your representatives always on time at your clients make them quite happy with the service they receive and the cooperation in general.

Reduce accidents

Vehicle monitoring helps the driver to remain focused on his daily working tasks, to have a more careful driving and obey the "Highway Code".

Effective confrontation of emergencies

Since at any time the management knows where their vehicles are, on the road emergencies (such as accidents) can be reviewed and even avoided.


Live Tracking Map

The main part of our tracking software. Use the tracking map to see your tracked fleet live on the map. Click and view details of each vehicle, inluding the vehicle make and model, speed, position, bearing, current driver and more. Map options include roadmap, satellite or hybrid view.

Tracking History

Probably the most important feature of the software, the tracking history is where you will want to see the recorded history of your fleet for any given moment in time. The tracking history loads vehicle routes and draws them directly on the map. Route playback controls include play, pause, stop, drag and playback speed.

Device Command Builder

An important tool, the Command Builder lets you setup a set of device commands in order to be used directly from the live tracking map. You can setup commands such as "restart device", "restart gps", "restart gsm" or any other command the device supports. Once setup, you are only one click away from sending the command to the device.


Use our Geofencing tools in our software to create accurate coordinate based geofences for your vehicles. Geofences can be applied to vehicles independently, can alert the user via the application, email, sms and also run on your defined schedule.

Speed Alerts

Want to know if your drivers are behaving normally on the road? Then use our Speed Alert function to notify you if a vehicle has broken your pre-defined speed limit! The alerts are shown in the application and sent via email and sms.

Device Inactivity Alerts

Maybe it will not be convinient for you to sit all the time at the computer screen to see if your GPS devices are working normally. Not a problem. Our software can notify you after a certain period of time that a device is inactive (via the application, email and sms).

User management User Management

Vehicle Tracking Web offers "User Levels" for better user management. Each user level is setup in a way that users have limited or full software functionality. Carhire Manager Web users all have the same administration level.

Vehicle Groups

Do you have a need to place your vehicles in a group? No problem! Our software supports Vehicle Groups, in which you can setup your grouping anyway you like. The live map and history then shows your fleet based on the Vehicle Groups.


Vehicle Tracking Web has an embedded SMS delivery system in which you can at any moment send an SMS to a driver from the live tracking map. Moreover, the software gives you the opportunity to review all the messages sent in the Log.

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